Off Market Home Sales

Why Are Off-Market Home Sales so Popular Today?

Have you always wondered what the benefit of an “Off Market” listing is to the Seller?  Here are some reasons to list “Off Market”

  • Faster because the buyers know what they want and are ready to purchase, many have all cash and all are pre-approved
  • Provides you Privacy and allows you to gauge interest and pricing prior to listing it on the multiple listing service
  • Can save you thousands in commission since everything is negotiable when it’s Off Market
  • Less costly since there is no preparation or staging
  • There is a perceived value to the  Buyer  (e.g. finding something not listed (not available on MLS) etc)
  • Allows you to market and sell your home without nosy neighbors and the “looky loo’s” Open houses often attract
  • Sometimes the home is or has already been overexposed and stigmatized and keeping it off market can enhance it’s value
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