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Alviso, CA is located at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay and the northern most point of the City of San José. The Guadalupe River (which drains the Santa Cruz Mountains), and Coyote Creek (which drains the Diablo Range), both travel north through Santa Clara Valley were they meet the San Francisco Bay at Alviso Slough. The marsh lands around Alviso are home to many species of birds and fish.



Alviso’s History

Alviso Slough
Alviso was first settled in the 1700s. The community was named for Ignacio Alviso, the son of Corporal Domingo Alviso, one of the original members of the de Anza expedition. Corporal Alviso lived but a short time after reaching San Francisco and was buried March 11, 1777. Alviso’s descendants were granted the Rancho Rincon de Los Esteros holding.
The city of Alviso was incorporated on March 4, 1852, as the boating and shipping port of San José and the transportation hub for the Santa Clara Valley to the San Francisco Bay. Steamboats traveled regularly between San Francisco and Alviso.
In 1968, after over 100 years as an independent city, the residents of Alviso voted 189 to 180 to become part of San José. In exchange for consolidation, residents were to receive fire and police protection, drinking water, a library, community center, pool, park, storm drains and street paving.
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