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Atherton, CA is an incorporated town in San Mateo County, California.  In September 2010, Forbes magazine placed Atherton’s zip code of 94027 at #2 on their annual list of America’s most expensive zip codes, with a median home price of $4,010,200. The beginning statement of the Atherton’s Town General Plan states, “the Town of Atherton desires, to preserve its character as a scenic, rural, thickly-wooded, residential area with abundant open space and with streets designed primarily as scenic routes rather than for speed of travel.”   Native live oaks, white oaks, bays, redwoods, cedars, pines and other ornamental trees cover the six square miles of Town. There are approximately 50 miles of roads. The population is around 7500 with approximately 2500 households.

Atherton’s History

 Atherton Town Hall

The government of the town was established with Edward E. Eyre as the first mayor. In 1928, the residents voted to build a Town Hall, which stands today. The early residents wanted a Town that would be divided into large parcels and would not contain businesses. The author Gertrude H. Atherton, daughter-in-law to Faxon D. Atherton wrote in “The Californians”, “Menlo Park (Atherton) has been cut up into country places for what might be termed the ‘old families of San Francisco’, the eight or ten families who owned the haughty precinct were as exclusive, as conservative, as any group of ancient country families in Europe”.  A few of the large land holdings were subdivided during the 1920’s and 1930’s. With the minimum size of one acre, the era of the large estates was over. Atherton is still a “plain of oaks”.

There are a number of active community organizations; the Atherton Heritage Association, the Atherton Arts Committee, the Atherton Tree Committee, the Friends of the Atherton Community Library, the Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation, the Atherton Dames, the Police Task force, and the Atherton Civic Interest League. There are also Home Owner’s Associations.


 Menlo Circus Club

The Menlo Circus Club is a private club with stables and a riding ring located within the Town.  Olive Holbrook-Palmer left Holbrook-Palmer Park, a 22-acre park, to the Town in 1958. It is an open, tree-covered park, which offers recreational programs and has facilities for functions.There are eleven schools within Atherton’s boundaries, both private and public.

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