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Redwood Shores, CA

Redwood Shores, CA is an affluent waterfront neighborhood in San Mateo County.  The town is a 1500-acre peninsula that juts into San Francisco Bay east of Hwy 101, but is actually part of incorporated Redwood City. Redwood Shores is populated with million-dollar homes and waterfront marinas.  Like nearby, Foster City, Redwood Shores is a planned, developed community. Artificial lagoons and channels run through the center of the peninsula, while sloughs and marshes surround it.  Many of the houses and condominiums surround these lagoons and have access to water passages through private boating docks.  Extensive residential and industrial construction is going on in the area, so trail conditions and routes are likely to change.  Redwood Shores encompasses the zip code of 94065.
The Peninsula was Originally a Marshland

Redwood Shores, CA

Originally a marshland, Redwood Shores, rich shellfish beds provided food for Native Americans in the area. Later, it became cattle grazing land. In the 1920’s the land was diked off from the Bay by the Leslie Salt Company and used as salt evaporation ponds. Redwood Shores was annexed by Redwood City in 1959. Development of the area began in the1960’s. Marine World was built here in 1968 and moved to Vallejo in 1986. After it left, its site eventually developed into the headquarters of Oracle Corporation, whose tall office towers can be seen from miles away.
The Bay Trail through Redwood Shores leads over a wide variety of surfaces, from paved bike paths on the side of busy roads to rough, narrow single-track dirt paths. The trail can be taken as a loop trip around the Redwood Shores peninsula.  From the northwest end of the trail, by Oracle’s corporate headquarters, the Bay Trail can be taken further north into Foster City. From there, it runs nearly uninterrupted along the Bay all the way from San Mateo to Millbrae, at the edge of San Francisco Airport. The next completed Bay Trail segment to the south of Redwood Shores is the short isolated stretch along Seaport Blvd. to the Port of Redwood City. However, public access is currently allowed around the levee surrounding Inner Bair Island, which can be reached at the end of Whipple Road. The proposed Bay Trail route south of Redwood Shores will run on the levee along Steinberger Slough, past the San Carlos County Airport. It will then run between Inner Bair Island and Hwy 101, then cut inland to eventually reach the trail along Seaport Blvd. to the Port of Redwood City.
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