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Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara, CA was founded in 1777, and is located in the center of Silicon Valley.  Santa Clara is home to the headquarters of Intel, Applied Materials, Sun Microsystems, NVIDIA, Agilent Technologies, and many other high-tech companies; also Santa Clara University, the latter being the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of California. Santa Clara encompasses the 95050, 95051, and 95054 zip codes.

Santa Clara History

Founded in 1777, and the site of the Santa Clara Mission

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA

Santa Clara, CA is the site of the eighth of 21 California missions. The Mission and Mission Gardens are located on the grounds of Santa Clara University, which give name to the “Mission City.” The population of Santa Clara increased greatly after World War II, when the city outgrew its 19th century boundaries, and expanded to open lands north and west of the original city limits. The farms and orchards began to accommodate the burgeoning population.  In the mid-1950’s a new product, the semiconductor chip, was developed, blosssoming “the valley” into an electronics industry, based on this silicon chip.  High-tech Industries quickly began to gobble up the remaining orchard land and changed the agricultural nature of Santa Clara and Santa Clara Valley forever.  Few remnants of Santa Clara’s agricultural past remain as it today sits in the heart of what is known world-wide as Silicon Valley. By harvesting the fruits of high technology, the Mission City has become a prosperous and progressive city with much to offer residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

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